Continuous Fabric Pre-Washing and Bleaching
using Revozona's Ozone Equipment

The Revozona Ozone Equipment, to continuously pre-wash and bleach fabrics before printing and dyeing, offers a wide range of advantages.


The Advantages


savings on water consumption


savings on chemicals


savings on electric power


savings on Co2 emissions


Using Revozona equipment for the pre-washing and bleaching of fabrics reduces the consumption of valuable resources, chemicals, emission, waste water and much more.

Lower Emissions

Thanks to Revozona ozone processing, a reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 95% is achieved (consumption of natural gas for production of 1’000’000 meters).

Space Saving

As the Revozona installation consist of less component in comparison to the conventional washing lines, a considerable amount of space os saved.

Reduced Staffing

Thanks to the short Revozona production line as well as thanks to the simplicity of operation, the amount of staff can be reduced up to 50% in comparison to a conventional washing line.

Chemicals Savings

With an up to 44% reduced use and consumption of chemicals, not only costs are saved but also a substantial contribution to the reduction of the burden on our environment is achieved.

Global Support

Revozona has in place a global and local service support system guaranteeing a reliable and optional uptime of all Revozona ozone installations, worldwide. Revozona goes far beyond “just” supplying equipment; we act as your longterm Partner in Business.

How is Ozone generated?
Ozone is generated the same way that ozone is formed naturally by the discharge of electricity during a thunderstorm, large quantities of ozone are produced in the modern electrical ozone generator.

This method of ozone generation is formed by corona discharge**. A high voltage is passed across a gas stream containing oxygen. The energy of the high voltage splits an oxygen molecule (02; into two oxygen atoms (0) – which recombine with ordinary molecules of oxygen (02) to form ozone (03).

To improve the performance of the ozone generator, pure oxygen can replace the ambient air thus providing a greater percentage of oxygen in the airstream.

Since ozone is highly reactive and has a short half-life, it is very difficult to store and transport. Ozone must therefore always be generated on site for immediate use.

What is ozone?
Being an inorganic molecule, Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen; each molecule contains three atoms of oxygen instead of the standard two atoms.

Ozone is a pale blue gas, formed naturally in the atmosphere and has a pungent odor. It is the ozone formed by lightning discharges during a thunderstorm which gives the air its characteristic fresh and clean smell afterwards.

**A corona discharge is an electrical discharge caused by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor carrying a high voltage. It represents a local region where the air (or other fluid) has undergone electrical breakdown and become conductive, allowing charge to continuously leak off the conductor into the air. A corona occurs at locations where the strength of the electric field (potential gradient) around a conductor exceeds the dielectric strength of the air.


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