Revozona sets new standards

8 December 2020
Posted in Brooklyn
8 December 2020 G.J. Peters

The World is Changing

Existing pre-washing and bleaching lines can be easily replaced with Revozona pre-washing and bleaching lines.

Ozone bleaching equipment can also be integrated into complete new factories where textile dyeing and printing are the main processes.

The bleaching of fabrics using ozone set fully new industry standards where a range of substantial savings are realized while each company obtains a range of competitive advantages (USPs).

Now “going green” and “going clean” gets a completely new solid echo from, to name just a few, clients, employees, families, municipalities, politics, and, last but surely not least, a far more resilient mother nature.

Bleaching of fabrics enters into new dimensions using the all-new Revozona ozone-bleaching application. Ozone bleaching offers advantages for all globally active textile companies, for all ownerships, as well as for the environment, the latter now being the focus of all global political, economic, and environmental stakeholders.

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